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I don't have a clever title about chestnuts by L0kiice I don't have a clever title about chestnuts by L0kiice
Okay, so I thought about taking a break from colored pencils and focus on trying to find a nice Digital Style although I may need more work on my colored pencil-skills, but whatever. So anyways, here are some Fakemon based on chestnuts except they're not prickly.


Basic Stage: Chinquell (Chin-kwell)
Species: Shelled
Type: Grass
Ability: Solar Power
Evolves: At Level 30
Pokédex Entry: With their vision obscured by their shell, Chinquell use their tongue to feel their way around.

Okay, first up is Chinquell! This cute little bugger like Deino, is a dragon without vision. Okay, it's not really a dragon YET at this stage, but it will be. Since Chinquell is a Basic Stage Pokémon and small to top it all off, it isn't too strong physically. Though it does make up for this defensively by having a nice amount of Def for being a Basic Stage Pokémon. Unfortunatley, it isn't fast at all, I meant, would you expect someone without legs to be able to rival Usain Bolt? No, didn't think so. Using its tongue to feel their way forward, it wouldn't quite make sense for our shelled dragon not to learn the move Lick. Other attacks at its disposal are Wrap and Leech Seed.

Chinquell's name is derived from the word 'chinquapin', which is a certain species of chestnuts, and 'shell'. Evidently, it is based on a chestnut, though it doesn't have that certain prickly-ness that chestnuts have. At first it had small hairs poking out here and there from its shell, but since that kinda reminded me of a certain part of the male anatomy... I decided to not use that design.


First Stage: Castemisa (Pronounced Kass-teh-misa)
Species: Emerged
Type: Grass
Ability: Solar Power
Evolves: At Level 45
Pokédex Entry: After an Chinquell evolves into Castemisa, it gains eyes and becomes very curious of the world around it. It occasionally licks things out of habit.

Here's where things start to get interesting. Okay, maybe not, but at least poor Chinquell has eyes now. Going from 0 legs to 2 may not have helped our nutty little friend become the speed-demon he/she may or may not want to be, it's certainly helped the little critter to add some bulk to its disposal. With higher HP and Defense, this evolution is looking up to be able to hold its own in battle pretty well. Gaining more supporting moves in the form of Iron Defense and the like, Castemisa gains some offense as well, like Rollout, for example.

Castemisa's name comes from 'castanea',which is the genus of chestnuts, and 'artemisa' which is the latin name for Tarragon. Why Tarragon? Well, my Swedish word puns that won't be stopping from here are starting to come out of the shadows now. Tarragon is actually called Dragon in Swedish, though it's pronounced differently than in English.


Second Stage: Dracastan (Pronounced Dra-kast-ann)
Species: Draconic
Type: Grass/Dragon
Ability: Solar Power
Evolves: This Pokémon does not evolve
Pokédex Entry: -I have nothing as of the moment, help with this would be nice, haha-

And so we arrive at the final form of the bunch, where our dragon really becomes a dragon, like, FO' REAL. This is where Castemisa's previously obtained buff to its HP really starts to show off. Having high Defense as well as HP with some more Attack sprinkled onto it, Dracastan can become one heck of a monster. Sadly, gaining another pair of legs hasn't sped it up. But fear not, for this is where one of its uses comes in! Use slap a Trick Room up on the battlefield and watch this bad boy wreck it harder than Miley Cyrus can twerk it (HA). With new moves at its arsenal like Dragon Claw and Dragon Rush, it is bound to make plenty of dents to go around. Also taking advantage of its chunky HP is Wring Out, Power Whip also sees some action with this Pokémon. But it's not only useable offensively, oh no. With moves like Dragon Tail and Iron Defense, it can instead be played more defensively because with that HP-stat, MM-MMM.

Dracastan's name comes from the word 'dragon' (SUPER ORIGINAL, I KNOW) and 'castanea'. Its design is darker than the others in its family to emphasise aging. How I came up with the idea of a chestnut turning into a dragon? Now idea actually. One day I guess I just though about how super cool it would be with a Fakemon that started as a chestnut to then partially break out of its shell.


The Pokémon franchise is copyrighted to Game Freak
These Pokémon have been designed and drawn by me, please do not use without my permission, thank you.
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